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Just when you think you’ve done it all, along comes something completely different!

We have fine tuned our unique interactive entertainment packages for over 20 years.

Everything ties together to bring your guests a seamless, polished and exciting custom interactive event!

Start with our DJ - Emcee with Lively Background Music, Dancing, Music Videos and/or Karaoke then choose from our many fun and exciting interactive entertainment options and games and bring it all to a peak with some Draws and Prizes!

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Nightlife Interactive Parties

For the past nine years Nightlife Entertainment has hosted a hospitality event at our annual conference. They provide an exciting Casino, Mini Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament, Horse Races,  Photobooth,  Xbox Kinect Competition, Trivia Station and a DJ- Emcee for dancing. Nightlife staff are experienced professionals that make each evening unique and fun. Every year it is a huge success! Nightlife takes care of everything from set up to clean up and everything in between. They are always willing to work with you to change things up a bit and go beyond to ensure a great party. The feedback we receive is always excellent!

Heather Northey, ECNO Conference committee member