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Disc Jockeys

Can all this can be done by one affordable Nightlife Super Disc Jockey - well most of it! Our Emcee Interactive DJ will come to your event, set up their audio visual system and entertain your guests with a combination of interactive party games, music and videos. Pick a combination of Interactive Entertainment activities and together we'll design a program every guest will enjoy. Sometimes even super Disc Jockeys need a helper but that will depend on the combination of games you choose and the size of your event! We also have Fun Casino Tables, Slots of Fun Station,  Poker Tables, Trivia Stations, Virtual Reality Games, Big Screen, Big Sound Xbox and Photobooths that require super friendly operators and dealers

Disc Jockey - Emcee
Music Videos
Karaoke Host
Video Horse Races
Trivia Game Show Score

Emcee | Lively Background Music | Dancing | Requests

Music Videos | LED TV's | Projectors- Screens

Professional Karaoke Hosting | Thousands of Songs | Over 25 Years Experience

Video Horse Races | Fun or Fundraising

Trivia Game Shows | Dinner Shows | Table Competitions

Party DJ – Emcee  

Lively Background Music, Dancing, Music Videos, Karaoke, Video Horse Races and Trivia Shows

 Our DJ- Emcee provides Interactive Entertainment, Music, Instructions, Announcements and Prize Draws to keep your party moving!

We can also offer Karaoke, Video Horse Races and Music Videos to help create even more fun and excitement

*Our sound system with cordless mic is available for awards and speeches anytime during your event